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RXG Root

RXG Root

RX Green Technologies
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RX Green Root

ROOT is a fully soluble biological inoculant and soil amendment which promotes beneficial bacterial colonization at the roots. It contains eight different beneficial microbes; these natural organisms convert nitrogen and phosphorus to plant available forms, improving soil fertility and plant nutrition. ROOT also contains Myconate® (formononetin), a naturally occurring substance proven to stimulate the colonization of beneficial root organisms.

  • A highly concentrated bacteria mix (249.1M cfu/g).
  • Ready to use (no brewing needed).
  • Patented technology to stimulate colonization of beneficial root organisms.



  • Mix 1 tsp of ROOT per gallon of water.
  • Transplant and apply ROOT solution as a root drench.

Vegetative and Flowering Plants

  • Mix 1 tsp of ROOT per gallon of water.
  • Apply ROOT solution as a root drench to the growing medium every two weeks.

General Usage

  • No brewing needed.
  • Use ROOT as a separate feeding from regular nutrient feedings.
  • Do not adjust the pH of the ROOT solution.
  • Not recommended for use in recirculating or deep water culture systems.
  • Use within six hours of mixing ROOT into water.
  • When used in drip irrigation, proper system sanitation and maintenance is required.