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Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth
Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth
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Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth

Advanced Nutrients
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Scientists Discover Ancient Volcanic Rock Guaranteed To Enhance Plant Growth And Maximize Your Bloom Phase!

Sometimes, the best plant maximizing formulas are 100% organic… millions of years old… and they’re not popular or well-known in our country. In fact, some of these formulas and plant-maximizing supplements are “ancient secrets” that only a privileged few ever discover…

This Organic Volcanic Substance Contains Amazing Plant Potentiating Properties…

When the scientists at Advanced Nutrients first heard of a rare volcanic rock with plant potentiating properties, they traveled deep into the remote mountains of Eastern Europe to research it. They discovered it’s in these beautiful and remote mountains that natives have dug deep into the earth for hundreds of years to extract a rich, rare vein of organic matter called “leonardite.”

Leonardite is a volcanic rock that over centuries has absorbed many essential nutrients plants need to grow big, strong and more plentiful. In fact, this dark, rich material contains millions of years of natural proteins, vitamins, and other unique plant growth elements found nowhere else. Over the years, the art of processing leonardite has been perfected so it yields two types of liquefied “acids” that supercharge hydroponics plant growth and blooming while protecting them from stresses and disease.

But, there’s an important fact you must know…

Not All Forms Of Leonardite Are Created Equal!

Because different deposits of this volcanic rock vary greatly around the world, and they each have different levels of natural plant benefiting elements. For example, some extracts like “Idaho Blonde” produce mostly fulvic acid and others produce higher amounts of humic acid. And many others give out different levels of quality, so depending on the type of formula you’re creating you have to source and develop different veins of leonardite.

With this knowledge in mind, the team of Advanced Nutrients scientists went to work to develop a perfect, 100% Organic OIM, “all-in-one” fulvic and humic acid formula using various veins and sources of leonardite…

First, Humic Acid Is Extracted So You Get Nutrients and Vitamins Into Your Plants More Efficiently

You see, humic acid provides natural carrier compounds that transport nutrients and vitamins into your plants more efficiently, so your plants growth is enhanced. That means you’ll see these plant maximizing benefits and more when you add 100% Organic OIM humic acid to your garden. It can be used in soil and hydroponics to increase water-holding capacity, root zone aeration, and root efficiency.

Yes, all these benefits and much more are easily experienced when you put humic acid to work in your garden. This comprehensive plant maximizing breakthrough can be used from start to finish in your garden because it guarantees vitality in seedlings and clones, enhances floral development, and assists in more efficient utilization of nutrients and vitamins.

But that’s not all…

Next, Fulvic Acid Is Extracted To Give You Enhanced Nutrient Absorption and Nutrient Transport…

The scientists at Advanced Nutrients were so impressed with Leonardite that they immediately started working around the clock to develop a 100% Organic OIM, golden fulvic acid formula for growers of high value plants like us. A seven-step extraction process is used to develop the fulvic acid that directly feeds plant cells, roots and leaves to produce bigger, more aromatic flowers.


Here are just a few more of the benefits of this fulvic formula…

  • It contains hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and complex chain acid compounds for enhanced plant vitality and harvest potency…
  • It promotes root activity, making it easier for plants to absorb essential elements…
  • It promotes a stronger, more nutrient healthy plant…
  • It’s a natural chelator which enhances your plants ability to get the nutrients they need…
  • It enhances nutrient absorption, the transport of those nutrients throughout plants…

What’s more: it’s golden clear and is the purest fulvic available. We’ve seen other companies trying to make and sell fulvic acid, but testing shows their fulvic formulas just can’t match the purity, quality and potency of this seven-time extracted brew. In fact, this golden fulvic acid has been competitively tested against other products and was found to better promote nutrient absorption, and nutrient transport than any other fulvic extract.

All this, of course, means you get one of the purest, most potent, freshest and most effective fulvics available for protecting your plants, strengthening their growth, and maximizing their growth phases.