Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Organic

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Organic

Advanced Nutrients
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OG Organics Big Bud has received both CDFA-OIM and OMRI certification

Making it the go-to option for growers who want to be 100% certain their fertilizer is compatible with organic cultivation.

And when you put the power of this bloom booster to work in your garden, you’ll…

  • Produce a bountiful harvest with huge, dense flowers
  • Maximize bud bulk with an optimal 2:1 PK ratio
  • Supply a rich assortment of bioavailable amino acids to achieve optimal conditions for your plants


And That’s Not All…

 You’ll also deliver chelated secondary micronutrients that promote maximum nutrient absorption, making your organic formula just as efficient as its synthetic counterparts.

These include…

  • Calcium lignosulfoinate, a naturally complexed form of calcium
  • An iron amino acid complex
  • Magnesium
  • Sulfur