DeBudder Bucket Lid

DeBudder Bucket Lid

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The Official DeBudder Bucket Lid was designed to save you significant time and money on the debudding process. This product has been scientifically engineered to handle any size and shape stem, is built from a solid one piece design, is easy to clean, and does not damage the buds. The Original 420 Brand Debudder Bucket Lid will pay for itself within 30 minutes and it comes with a lifetime guarantee!



  • Snap the DeBudder Bucket Lid onto a standard 5 gallon bucket.
  • Cut the stems into approximately 2 ft. lengths
  • While holding the bottom of the stem, place the top of the stems inside the bucket ad find the appropriate sized notch.
  • With a firm grip, quickly pull the stems upward in one smooth motion. The buds will fall gently into the bucket. Empty the bucket as needed.

Official Debudder Bucket Lid™ Tutorial - How to properly use - YouTube