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RXG Clean Coco 100

RXG Clean Coco 100

RX Green Technologies
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RX Green Clean Coco 100%

Coco coir is a soilless substrate produced from the fibrous husks of ripe coconuts. Sourced from established and reputable farms, located in the Tamil Nadu region of India, Rx Green Technologies coir is a sustainable and renewable option. Our coir choices include 100% coir in compressed or ready-to-use form and 70% coir 30% perlite in ready-to-use biodegradable bags.

Product Features

  • All raw materials in CLEAN COCO are OMRI Listed®.
  • CLEAN COCO is stored inside and shipped via covered trucks and shipping containers, ensuring protection from environmental toxins and pests.
  • Our CLEAN COCO is lab tested at its source, upon arrival to our US manufacturing facility, and again before it begins its journey to you.
  • Our 3rd party lab partners test for: pH, EC, mineral content, heavy metals, pesticide residue, and microbials. If a coco batch does not meet our testing standards, it does not leave our warehouse.