Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco Bloom B
Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco Bloom B
Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco Bloom B
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Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco Bloom B

Advanced Nutrients
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Attention: All Coco Coir Growers: The Not So Little “Secret” To Faster Growth, Bigger Yields and Frightening Potency, Now Engineered Specifically For Coco Coir

If you’ve been growing for a significant amount of time, you’re most likely familiar with our award-winning pH Perfect Sensi Grow & Bloom…

…And now the same proven formulation has been re-engineered specifically for coco coir growers!

Introducing: pH Perfect Sensi Coco Bloom Part B!

Now, we’ve always claimed you don’t have to be an expert grower in order to get bigger, juicier, more aromatic, and more potent buds from your plants. And we stand by that claim with this new formula. It’s simple really when you’re running your coco garden on the same secret grand master growers have used to win every major growing competition in the world with your plants – the pH Perfect Sensi formula.

In effect, we made it possible for even the most inexperienced coco coir rookie to start experiencing “pro level” yields and buds! That’s because with the pH Perfect Sensi Coco Series – almost everything is dialed in for you. The secret is actually the result of a major breakthrough in hydroponics technology

Why You Need Coco Specific Nutrients…

pH Perfect Sensi Coco still has all the benefits of the original and in addition it’s been optimized specifically for Coco Coir growers.

Here’s the unique science behind this development

  • It’s a known fact coco coir naturally attracts and binds to calcium and magnesium.
  • This means your average nutrients will have a greater percentage of their Ca and Mg bound to the growing medium and not transported to your plants (where you want them) potentially starving your precious crops!
  • What’s more: coco coir contains high levels of naturally occurring potassium… and… if you fail to account for this already present amount of potassium your risk poisoning your plants via potassium toxicity!
  • That’s why resourceful growers have been forced to get around these problems by watching their potassium levels by using so-called “coco” nutes and investing in cal-mag supplements to try and dial things in

However, even when using these methods, growers were still running into weird nutrient deficiencies

Breakthrough Science Reveals The “Missing Link” To The Coco Puzzle

The research team at Advanced Nutrients found the hidden flaw of most “coco” nutrients. As it turns out, the missing link for growing in Coco Coir is iron.

Yes, your high-value crops not only need extra calcium and magnesium when growing in coco coir, but also extra iron. In fact, until recently, nobody had discovered this – it’s why other supposedly “coco friendly” nutrients can still allow deficiencies in your crop to occur, no matter how well you grow. This breakthrough science is the foundation of our Advanced Coco line of nutrients.

But that’s certainly not all

WARNING: If Your Coco Nutrients Don’t Contain This, They Might Starve To Death

As we discussed, until now, because coco binds to calcium and magnesium, you had to risk starving your plants of these critical nutrients. Many growers tried adding extra Ca and Mg using cal-mag supplements… but it’s hard to dial in the ratios just right.

The fact is only the highest quality, diversely chelated forms of magnesium and calcium – of the type and quality found in pH Perfect Sensi Coco – are able to deliver the nutrition your crops demand. Lesser forms of these important minerals can leave your plants starving, and you’d be missing out on bigger, better yields (A lot of other companies will try adding dolomite lime as a quick-fix to solve this problem, but don’t be fooled—it’s not the best solution)

With pH Perfect Technology, You Never Have To Adjust Your pH Levels Again!

If you’ve ever experienced off-color leaves, slow growth or low yields with your plants… then you’ve probably noticed mysterious pH and PPM fluctuations happen at the same time. It’s one of the biggest obstacles to getting “Grand Master Grower” yields from your crops. Many growers find that manually checking and adjusting pH levels two times per day, to try to keep their plants growth stable and maximized is tiring, time consuming and one of the biggest hassles of growing. However, with pH Perfect Sensi Coco you’ll eliminate pH checking forever because of the proprietary “pH Perfect” technology!

In short, as long as your water falls between 4.5 and 8.5 pH (which is pretty much everyone’s water) – this technology adjusts your pH for you and keeps it buffered there throughout your plants’ entire life cycle! Which means you’ll never have to manually adjust your pH… you’ll never have to worry that your plants aren’t in the premium growing environment… all you have to do is add the pH Perfect Sensi Coco Grow & Bloom to your water and the “pH Perfect” technology takes care of all that for you!

In addition, it’s important to note that, even with the implementation of all these advanced technologies, we never sacrifice our high quality standards.